The future is in the here and now.

Tradition, experience, innovation.

Ascèt represents the infusion of over 50 years of knowledge and passion built up exclusively in the Italian beauty and fashion sector.

Ascèt aspires to the philosophy and tradition of great Italian design, following an ideal of timeless beauty: the harmony of the forms, the essentialness of the lines and the lively colours of our products are the perfect expression of the typical qualities of feminine elegance, characteristics of grace and purity that transverse every era and generation.

Ascèt‘s new concept comes from the great season of the Made in Italy name: inspired by the vigour of those years, it is in this context that Rosario Marconi took his first steps, paving the way for a parabola that would be celebrated over the next decades for its entrepreneurial vision and technical innovation.

At Ascèt we believe strongly in sharing knowledge and notions: our consultants and trainers are dedicated to the service of talent and creativity, to make that of the beauty centre a multisensorial experience, the perfect crossroads of aesthetics, quality and wellbeing.

Ascèt wants to celebrate the universality and simplicity of elegance. This is why we have decided to share our experiences and offer customised solutions in caring for all hair types, always guaranteeing maximum reliability and immediate customer satisfaction.

In a world of sophistication, simplifying is the true challenge of our times. Ascèt  aspires to an ideal of elegance and genuineness where it is the creative touch that finally comes back to the forefront: a principle that can be found in the four product lines that celebrate the Essence and Equilibrium of the Matter that Creates and allows us to create.

The range of Ascèt products includes all that necessary to satisfy every style or demand. Our Mission is to provide new tools and rooted knowhow to professionals constantly looking for new, efficient and safe innovations.

An awareness reflected in the minimalist approach, in the rigour and simplicity of the design, of the Lines created to offer a unique experience that is.


Health, the real new trend.


Colour, the force behind your emotions


New forms of creativity.



The very essence of wellbeing.