Colour, the force behind your emotions.

Each great trend starts from a small experiment. Crea puts itself to work serving talent and creativity with low-ammoniac blends: only in this way can we find the correct nuance able to exalt our clientele’s style in absolute safety and with complete peace of mind. Thanks to scrupulously-selected active ingredients and pigments, Crea protects the structure of your hair guaranteeing maximum colour definition even after several washes, for even results that stay true to the initial style and expectations of the clientele. Because colour forms style, and style forms the personality.

Permanent Hair Color cream

1:1,5 / 71 nuances

– It is the coloring cosmetic cream that ensures vivid and ultra brilliant colors for a result that lasts long.

– Based on the mixingsystem 1:1,5.

– The formula has been calibrated to give the best results with the greatest respect for the hair’s structure, for a great softness and shine.

Hair Lightner / with patchouli essential oil


– This powder combines excellent bleaching capacity with a valid protective and soothing action thanks also to the use of patchouli essential oil.

– The texture obtained is stable even at high temperatures, it does not swell or drip, ensuring maximum hold with all possible methods. Thanks to its special formula, bleaching is rapid and intense, without damage or aggressive action on the hair structure.

– This bleach, when mixed with CREA COLOR DEVELOPER from 10 to 40 volumes, develops a smooth, stable crème, suitable for any bleaching technique for up to 6 levels of lift or more.

Oxygen in cream / with organic oatmeal extract

5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 VOL.

– This is a stabilised developer formulated with mixtures of creamy and treating substances. – It mixes very easily with CREA Color.

– It ensures the stability and hold of the color, avoiding changes in tone both at the time of application and later.

– The developer with organic oatmeal extract is the star of the CREA range.

– It respects the scalp, leaving hair soft and silky.

– Oatmeal is a substance that is used above all in cosmetic products for children, because of its soothing and moisturizing properties.